VOMS2CSSyncronizer is a helper class containing the logic for synchronization of the VOMS user data with the DIRAC Registry

class DIRAC.ConfigurationSystem.Client.VOMS2CSSynchronizer.VOMS2CSSynchronizer(vo, autoModifyUsers=True, autoAddUsers=True, autoDeleteUsers=False, autoLiftSuspendedStatus=False)

Bases: object

__init__(vo, autoModifyUsers=True, autoAddUsers=True, autoDeleteUsers=False, autoLiftSuspendedStatus=False)

VOMS2CSSynchronizer class constructor

  • vo (str) – VO to be synced
  • autoModifyUsers (boolean) – flag to automatically modify user data in CS
  • autoAddUsers – flag to automatically add new users to CS
  • autoDeleteUsers – flag to automatically delete users from CS if no more in VOMS
  • autoLiftSuspendedStatus – flag to automatically remove Suspended status in CS



Utility to construct user name

Parameters:dn (str) – user DN
Return str:user name

Get a report for users of a given VO

Parameters:refreshFlag (bool) – flag to indicate that the configuration must be refreshed before looking up user data
Returns:S_OK/S_ERROR, Value = user description dictionary
Get a report string with the current status of the DIRAC Registry for the
Virtual Organization
Returns:S_OK with the report string as Value
Performs the synchronization of the DIRAC registry with the VOMS data. The resulting
CSAPI object containing modifications is returned as part of the output dictionary. Those changes can be applied by the caller depending on the mode (dry or a real run)
Returns:S_OK with a dictionary containing the results of the synchronization operation