This module exposes the BaseClient class, which serves as base for InnerRPCClient and TransferClient.

class DIRAC.Core.DISET.private.BaseClient.BaseClient(serviceName, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Glues together stubs with threading, credentials, and URLs discovery (by DIRAC vo and setup). Basically what needs to be done to enable RPC calls, and transfer, to find a URL.

KW_DELEGATED_DN = 'delegatedDN'
KW_DELEGATED_GROUP = 'delegatedGroup'
KW_EXTRA_CREDENTIALS = 'extraCredentials'
KW_IGNORE_GATEWAYS = 'ignoreGateways'
KW_KEEP_ALIVE_LAPSE = 'keepAliveLapse'
KW_PROXY_CHAIN = 'proxyChain'
KW_PROXY_LOCATION = 'proxyLocation'
KW_PROXY_STRING = 'proxyString'
KW_SETUP = 'setup'
KW_SKIP_CA_CHECK = 'skipCACheck'
KW_TIMEOUT = 'timeout'
KW_USE_CERTIFICATES = 'useCertificates'
KW_VO = 'VO'
__init__(serviceName, **kwargs)
  • serviceName – URL of the service (proper uri or just System/Component)
  • useCertificates – If set to True, use the server certificate
  • extraCredentials
  • timeout – Timeout of the call (default 600 s)
  • setup – Specify the Setup
  • VO – Specify the VO
  • delegatedDN – Not clear what it can be used for.
  • delegatedGroup – Not clear what it can be used for.
  • ignoreGateways – Ignore the DIRAC Gatways settings
  • proxyLocation – Specify the location of the proxy
  • proxyString – Specify the proxy string
  • proxyChain – Specify the proxy chain
  • skipCACheck – Do not check the CA
  • keepAliveLapse – Duration for keepAliveLapse (heartbeat like)