GOCDBClient module is a client for the GOC DB, looking for Downtimes.

WARN: the URL of the GOC DB API is hardcoded, and is: https://goc.egi.eu/gocdbpi/public/

class DIRAC.Core.LCG.GOCDBClient.GOCDBClient

Bases: object

Class for dealing with GOCDB. Class because of easier use from RSS


x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

Get the list of all current DTs’ links

getHostnameDowntime(hostname, startDate=None, ongoing=False)
getServiceEndpointInfo(granularity, entity)

Get service endpoint info (in a dictionary)


granularity : a string. Could be in (‘hostname’, ‘sitename’, ‘roc’, ‘country’, ‘service_type’, ‘monitored’)

entity : a string. Actual name of the entity.

getStatus(granularity, name=None, startDate=None, startingInHours=None, timeout=None)

Return actual GOCDB status of entity in name

  • granularity (str) – should be a ValidRes, e.g. “Resource”
  • name – should be the name(s) of the ValidRes. Could be a list of basestring or simply one basestring. If not given, fetches the complete list.
  • startDate – if not given, takes only ongoing DownTimes. if given, could be a datetime or a string (“YYYY-MM-DD”), and download DownTimes starting after that date.
  • startingInHours (int) – optional integer. If given, donwload DownTimes starting in the next given hours (startDate is then useless)


{'OK': True,
 'Value': {'92569G0 lhcbsrm-kit.gridka.de': {'DESCRIPTION': 'Annual site downtime for various major tasks i...',
                                             'FORMATED_END_DATE': '2014-05-27 15:21',
                                             'FORMATED_START_DATE': '2014-05-26 04:00',
                                             'GOCDB_PORTAL_URL': 'https://goc.egi.eu/portal/index.php?Page_Type=Downtime&id=14051',
                                             'HOSTED_BY': 'FZK-LCG2',
                                             'HOSTNAME': 'lhcbsrm-kit.gridka.de',
                                             'SERVICE_TYPE': 'SRM.nearline',
                                             'SEVERITY': 'OUTAGE'},
           '99873G0 srm.pic.esSRM': {'HOSTED_BY': 'pic',
                                     'ENDPOINT': 'srm.pic.esSRM',
                                     'SEVERITY': 'OUTAGE',
                                     'HOSTNAME': 'srm.pic.es',
                                     'GOCDB_PORTAL_URL': 'https://goc.egi.eu/portal/index.php?Page_Type=Downtime&id=21303',
                                     'FORMATED_START_DATE': '2016-09-14 06:00',
                                     'SERVICE_TYPE': 'SRM',
                                     'FORMATED_END_DATE': '2016-09-14 15:00',
                                     'DESCRIPTION': 'Outage declared due to network and dCache upgrades'}