Utility class for dealing with MyProxy

class DIRAC.Core.Security.MyProxy.MyProxy(server=False, serverCert=False, serverKey=False, timeout=False)

Bases: DIRAC.Core.Security.BaseSecurity.BaseSecurity

__init__(server=False, serverCert=False, serverKey=False, timeout=False)

x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

getDelegatedProxy(proxyChain, lifeTime=604800, useDNAsUserName=False)

Get delegated proxy from MyProxy server return S_OK( X509Chain ) / S_ERROR

getInfo(proxyChain, useDNAsUserName=False)

Get info from myproxy server

Returns:S_OK( { ‘username’ : myproxyusername, ‘owner’ : owner DN, ‘timeLeft’ : secs left } ) / S_ERROR
uploadProxy(proxy=False, useDNAsUserName=False)
Upload a proxy to myproxy service.
proxy param can be:
: Default -> use current proxy : string -> upload file specified as proxy : X509Chain -> use chain