Utility to make a string of a large integer with comma separated degrees
of thousand
Parameters:inputValue (int) – value to be interpreted
Returns:output string
DIRAC.Core.Utilities.PrettyPrint.printDict(dDict, printOut=False)

Utility to pretty print a dictionary

  • dDict (dict) – Dictionary to be printed out
  • printOut (bool) – flag to print to the stdout

pretty dictionary string

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.PrettyPrint.printTable(fields, records, sortField='', numbering=True, printOut=True, columnSeparator=' ')

Utility to pretty print tabular data

  • fields (list) – list of column names
  • records (list) – list of records, each record is a list or tuple of field values where field value itself can be a string or a list of strings or a dictionary of the structure { “Value”: string_value, ‘Just’: ‘L|R|C’ } to specify justification
  • sortField (str) – name of the column by which the output will be sorted
  • numbering (bool) – flag for numbering rows
  • printOut (bool) – flag for printing into the stdout
  • columnSeparator (str) – string to be used as a column separator

pretty table string