The SiteCEMapping module performs the necessary CS gymnastics to resolve site and CE combinations. These manipulations are necessary in several components.

Assumes CS structure of: /Resources/Sites/<GRIDNAME>/<SITENAME>


Returns a dictionary of all CEs and their associated site, e.g. {‘’:’’, …]} Assumes CS structure of: /Resources/Sites/<GRIDNAME>/<SITENAME>


Given a DIRAC site name this method returns a list of corresponding CEs.

DIRAC.Core.Utilities.SiteCEMapping.getQueueInfo(ceUniqueID, diracSiteName='')

Extract information from full CE Name including associate DIRAC Site


Returns a dictionary of all sites and their CEs as a list, e.g. {‘’:[‘’,…]} If gridName is specified, result is restricted to that Grid type.


Given a Grid CE name this method returns the DIRAC site name.

WARNING: if two or more sites happen to have the same ceName/queueName, then only the first found is returned