GOCDBSyncCommand module

This command updates the downtime dates from the DowntimeCache table in case they changed after being fetched from GOCDB. In other words, it ensures that all the downtime dates in the database are current.

class DIRAC.ResourceStatusSystem.Command.GOCDBSyncCommand.GOCDBSyncCommand(args=None, clients=None)

Bases: DIRAC.ResourceStatusSystem.Command.Command.Command

__init__(args=None, clients=None)

x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature


To be extended/replaced by real commands


Real commands don’t need to extende/replace this method, which is called by clients.

What is done here is the following: if self.masterMode is set to True, then the “doMaster()” method is called. if not, then the doCache() method is called, and if this returns an object this is returned, and otherwise the “doNew” method is called.


This method calls the doNew method for each hostname that exists in the DowntimeCache table of the local database.

Returns:S_OK / S_ERROR

Gets the downtime IDs and dates of a given hostname from the local database and compares the results with the remote database of GOCDB. If the downtime dates have been changed it updates the local database.

Param:masterParams - string
Returns:S_OK / S_ERROR

Overwrites S_ERROR message with command name, much easier to debug


Overwrites S_ERROR message with command name, much easier to debug