Utilities to help Computing Element Queues manipulation


Get the list of queue descriptions merging site/ce/queue parameters and adding some derived parameters.

Parameters:siteDict (dict) – dictionary with configuration data as returned by Resources.getQueues() method
Returns:S_OK/S_ERROR, Value dictionary per queue with configuration data updated, e.g. for SiteDirector
DIRAC.WorkloadManagementSystem.Utilities.QueueUtilities.matchQueue(jobJDL, queueDict, fullMatch=False)

Match the job description to the queue definition

  • job (str) – JDL job description
  • fullMatch (bool) – test matching on all the criteria
  • queueDict (dict) – queue parameters dictionary

S_OK/S_ERROR, Value - result of matching, S_OK if matched or S_ERROR with the reason for no match